PROJECT 62 - The volunteering page for "Yankee Tanks" 30075 & 30076

***Project 62 relocates to Shillingstone - now we need your help***

The recent arrival of our locomotives 30075 and 30076 at Shillingstone is certainly drawing much attention from the media. Local Press, BBC and the major heritage magazines are all covering Project 62 and the North Dorset Railway Trust activities at Shillingstone. We now have the locomotives near our main membership base. Dave Brown, Project 62’s Locomotive Liaison Officer, has asked for volunteers to assist with the next stages of getting 30075 followed by 30076 back into service and sends the following message to you:-

Project 62 has a great opportunity in front of us, we have a new working base for both engines in a great location.

We need you to come and drive us to achieving the overhauls of 30075 and 30076.

Have a serious think about helping in some way, we have a need for all levels of skills, we have those who can show you how to do most jobs, and to enjoy doing it.

To finish a day knowing you made a difference, with a good crowd of like minded individuals.

All ages and ability's, especially those with tea making skills as it’s always needed in large quantities!

We can do it if we all have a try, whether 1 day a year, or every weekend, you can make a difference.

Depending on what you want to do, various levels of personal protection will be needed. Old clothes are ok for most jobs, or for more exciting jobs a boiler suit and hard hat and gloves may be required. We do have some that are available if you need.

If you enjoy it too much then the NDRT have asked us to join their organization as a volunteer and do their induction course, then you can work more independently and have the pleasure of being in the wider organization we are associated with.

So please contact Dave Brown by email: - or call in at Shillingstone for a cup of tea and a chat in the station cafe. Dave will be there most Saturdays and Sundays. (Please note like all people in voluntary positions, Dave commits as much time as he is able but can't guarentee being at Shillingstone every Saturday and Sunday. If travelling any distance, please contact Dave on his email address beforehand to make sure he, or another member of the team, is able to meet you).

All photos, sound and video clips are copyright of Project 62 unless otherwise credited


Updated 31st May 2017