PROJECT 62 - visit to Kent and East Sussex - September 2018

Overhaul of 30070 underway

In September 2018, Project 62 Committee Members Pete Renaut and Howard Fry visited the Kent and East Sussex Pailway, home of USA S100 locomotives 30065 and 30070.  Both of these engines are American built War Department US Army Transportation Corps (USATC), which following World War II were purchased for use by the Southern Railway, initially for use in Southampton Docks.

30065 is currently operating in the guise of Longmoor Military Railway WD300 "Frank S Ross" which was scrapped in 1958.  30070 is currently stripped down and having a full 10 year heavy overhaul.  Pete and Howard were allowed access to the workshop to view 30070 in its stripped down state.  This enabled them to see the main differences between the American built S100 and Yugoslavian built "Class 62" derivitives, which are usually hidden from view when the engines are complete and operational.

Here are a selection of photos, courtesy of Pete Renaut, which show in particular the American style cast "bar" frames.  Photos of 30075 are shown below these, so that these differences can be directly compared.

A general shot from the cab end of the frames of 30070 (left) shows the open structure of the bar frames.  Centre photo shows the rear frame section, cab floor mounting brackets and rear buffer beam.  The right photo shows 30070's left side cylinder block with the front buffer beam.


Whilst not stripped down to the same degree as 30070 in the first set of three photos above, these next three pictures show the more robust structure of the European fabricated "plate" frames on which 30075 is built.  Left photo shows the more the solid rear to mid frame section.  The centre photo details the area below the floor/cab and rear buffer mounting, whilst differences in the front buffer beam to frame mounting and cylinder block construction (right photo) are clear.  The original specification for the S100 USATC locomotives was for quickly built, easy to maintain engines which were to have a service life of just five years.  Whilst most of the original 450 or so S100s built in America in 1941 and 1942 no longer exist, the fact that four of the 14 bought by the Southern Railway are preserved here in the UK is testimony to the design having far better longevity than originally anticipated.  The Yugoslavian derivitives built between 1952 and 1961 were constructed with long service life in mind and many continue in industrial service today in the Balkans.

30065 presented as Longmoor Military Railway (LMR) WD300 "Frank S Ross"

Project 62 needs your help to bring 30075 into service. To volunteer to assist please contact James Frigot (Locomotive Liaison Officer) by email: .

If you are able to assist financially with the overhaul costs of 30075, estimated to be around 50,000, we would also like to hear from you. Project 62 has secured "Match Funding" for up to 30,000 value so the value of every Pound you can donate towards the overhaul will be automatically doubled! Email: if you can help in this way.

Shares are also still available if you would like to become a part owner of your very own steam locomotives. Follow this link for more information - SHARE SCHEME



Updated 21st February 2019